Red Pepe

Welcome To The Journey of Red Pepe

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Red Pepe AKA The Pepe Killer

About Us

Red Pepe is an Ethereum Token Created Solely To Surpass The Notorious Meme Coin Called Pepe.

CA: 0x00931e0dE797554a5F551DD97b3707883fAa5B02

  • Total Tax

    1%/1% Total Buy And Sell Tax

  • Total Supply

    420,690,000,000,000 Total Supply

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Phase 1

Website Deployment
Social Media Accounts
Smart Contract Deployment

Phase 2

Launch Token
Big Marketing campaign
CoinGecko/Coinmarketcap Listings

Phase 3

Get 1k+ Holders
Get Trending On CMC
Get $RPepe Trending on Twitter

Phase 4

Get 10k+ Holders
Release Merch
Release a P2E Game